From a base of zero (yes, zero) in 2013, Network Marine Consultants administered an incredible 33 superyacht charter licences in 2014. Taking renewals out of the equation, these brand new licences were for 25 motor yachts, four sailing yachts and four catamarans, up to a substantial 52 metres LOA.

While we, of course, process charter licences for all length and type of vessel, it is these superyacht statistics that prove quite clearly that the new legislation is working and give us hope that the Spanish superyacht charter fleet will continue to expand. Worldwide yachting association, MYBA, estimated back in 2011 that there were around 802 large yachts for rent in the Mediterranean of which only 17 were available in Spain. Of those 17, none were over 50 metres, only one over 40 metres, and they were all ageing and of low market value.

Just three years later, taking only Network Marine Consultants endeavours into account, we’ve managed to increase this figure by 200%, bringing clients with high purchasing power to the Islands. Since 2011, the Mediterranean charter yacht fleet has grown at least 10% and, with non-EU-flagged boats now welcome in Balearic waters, there is no reason why the floodgates shouldn’t open to dozens more charter boats.

Spain should welcome with open arms these MLC-compliant, eco-friendly, tax-legal, efficiently-run enterprises that generate employment and economic prosperity to the tune of an estimated five million US dollars spent each year by a 50-metre yacht.