The Maritime Labour Convention (2006) (MLC) was brought in force almost two years ago, and those in the commercial yachting industry should be familiar with its implementation. The Convention was promulgated with a view to protecting seafarers’ rights in an industry where previously seafarers were not treated equally to their land lubber counterparts.

Every vessel is now required to comply with the requirements of the MLC, albeit in varying degrees. The 14 point checklist of MLC requirements varies ever so slightly depending on the Flag State. Commercial yachts under 500 gross tons are required to comply with the MLC, however they are not expected to be certified. Those yachts over 500 gross tons do need to be certified. It should be noted however, that it is the recommendation of most flag states and classification societies that yachts of more than 24 metres loadline length and which fall under the 500 gross ton ceiling, apply for voluntary certification in order to satisfy Port State Control Inspectors.

Network is now offering all yacht Captains support in meeting the requirements of MLC. We provide advice as to the particular requirements of your flag/classification society and Seafarers’ Employment Agreements, assistance in drafting vessel specific documentation, as well as giving guidance on the various application forms needed in order to obtain your Maritime Labour Certificate.

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