With the changes made to the Customs law on the 1st of May 2016, from the moment that a NON EU private vessel enters into EU waters, she has a total of 18 months to be in EU waters. It is no longer possible to bond the vessel in order to extend these 18 months.  Once the 18 months period is completed, the vessel must either pay EU Import VAT or leave EU waters. If any of these requirements are not met, EU VAT will be applicable.

Whilst it is no longer necessary to do a formal oral declaration, it can be helpful in proving when the vessel entered European waters.  Other evidence, such as invoices from your first European port of call, can also provide such evidence.

If the vessel has professional crew on board, all crew members must make an IMMIGRATION ENTRY CLEARANCE through the Port Police, even though they are EU or they stay on the vessel.  Please contact us, should you require any further information.