15th of April: Superyacht Fiscal Management Meeting in Monaco
The Managing Director of Network Marine Consultants, Patricia Bullock, will participate in the high profile Superyacht Fiscal Management Meeting on the 15th of April in Monaco, where she will address an audience of European authorities, tax experts, lawyers, brokers, captains and managers about the recent changes to the Spanish Matriculation Tax Law. Patricia will provide a much needed update on how this important fiscal reform has changed the chartering scene in Spain compared to previous years and what still remains to be done. Mr Freddy Desplanques from Ince & Co will give a similar analysis of the other major fiscal reform of 2013: the change in VAT rules for chartering in France.

These important fiscal reforms during the past year would not have been possible without ongoing, intensive lobbying towards national governments and European authorities. As a second item on the agenda a number of senior representatives of the lobbying organizations will provide advice and shed some light into their work behind the scenes.

After these introductions, the meeting will be divided into workshop-type discussions by destination countries, to offer the delegates an opportunity to discuss more in detail the matters related to their region of interest. The conference will be closed with an open debate where the moderators and delegates alike can air out the findings of the round table discussions.

If you are going to participate in the SFMM, or are indeed anywhere near Monaco around that time, and wish to have a private consultation with Patricia regarding charter legislation, flagging requirements or customs and tax procedures in Spain, please don´t hesitate to get in touch beforehand to arrange for a meeting.