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“NETWORK is the recognised authority in Spain when dealing with all aspects of charter yacht administration.”

Marine consultancy

    Over and above our charter license services, we are able to provide you with professional consultancy services covering all administrative procedures related to yachting in Spain.

    As our name suggests, Network has over the years built up a strong affiliation with trusted industry professionals, each of whom are devoted to improving the yachting industry, and to whom we outsource should your request fall outside the scope of our expertise.

    Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any queries relating to the charter license process, or any other yachting administration queries.

As a result, we can offer you our Professional Consultancy Services covering all administrative procedures relating to running a yacht in Spain:

  • Company Structures
  • Yacht Registration, Deletion and Flagging
  • Spanish Customs Procedures and EU VAT payments
  • Advice relating to temporary admission in the EU
  • Advice on vessel sales
  • Import and Export of goods
  • Commercial certification requirements
  • MLC Support and Advice

All these items can be arranged simply and efficiently by writing to us at admin@networkmarineconsultants.com.

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EU Customs procedures and intra-community VAT payments

Import and Export Procedures arranged through all major Spanish Ports

  • Import VAT in Spain is charged at 21% of the value of the goods to be imported.
  • In some cases Customs Import Duty is also applicable e.g. general goods or yachts not certified for International Navigation.

Intra-community VAT payments on new yachts and general goods

  • Due on goods purchased by EU Residents within EU or EEC Territory.
  • Normally paid or declared at destination or hand-over point.
  • Charged at 21% in Spain.

Temporary Admittance Procedures and Voluntary Customs Bonding

  • Non EU yachts may be used for a total of 18 months in EU waters before EU tax becomes due.
  • To comply with Temporary Admittance requirements, the yacht must be non EU flagged and owned and use is restricted to non EU Residents.
  • In certain areas of Spain it is possible to put the yacht under Voluntary Customs Bond and the total time under bond is deducted from the 18 months’ use.
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