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Other Services

Network Marine Consultants are always available to help with all sorts of yachting queries, such as:

  • Yacht registration, deletion and flagging.
  • Advice relating to temporary admission in the European Union

It has been confirmed by the Balearic Government

who control charter legalities for Mallorca and Ibiza, that they will continue to license non-EU flagged yachts – it just takes a little longer as they have to scrutinise every document that we present to them.  Most non-EU flagged yachts have a non-EU owning operating company (i.e.  “offshore”), which may present some complications.  Network has now developed a relatively easy and cost-effective system designed to streamline the non-EU process.

EU Customs procedures and intra-community VAT payments

Intra-community VAT payments on new yachts and general goods

  • Due on goods purchased by EU Residents within EU or EEC Territory.
  • Normally paid or declared at destination or hand-over point.
  • Charged at 21% in Spain.

Temporary Admittance Procedures

  • Non EU yachts may be used for a total of 18 months in EU waters before EU tax becomes due.
  • To comply with Temporary Admittance requirements, the yacht must be non EU flagged and owned and use is restricted to non EU Residents.

Spanish charter licenses

VAT Payments

Spanish custom procedures and EU VAT payments

Vessel Flagging

Yacht registration, deletion and flagging


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