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To clarify the mainly incorrect information published on Wednesday 17th March in a local Mallorcan newspaper regarding UK RYA qualifications:

– the UK is now included in Annex 9 which is a list of non EU countries whose qualifications are accepted by Spain for use on Spanish flagged yachts.
– the acceptance or not of individual qualifications is established by the flagstate. UK qualifications are acceptable on UK flagged yachts even when in Spanish waters.
– at the moment Annex 9 is only applicable to private qualifications enabling a British person with UK qualifications to come to Spain and charter a Spanish flagged yacht.
– the relevant authorities are continuing negotiations regarding acceptance or not of professional qualifications on Spanish flagged yachts.

It is totally untrue that Brexit is “Sinking the British yachting and nautical industry” in Mallorca. The industry is still booming thanks to the positive attitude and efforts by Spanish Authorities and local businesses. Spain and particularly the Balearics depend to a large extent on tourism and recognise the importance of nautical tourism for the economy.
In no way is Spain going to shoot itself in the foot by damaging the British Tourism market.