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Balearic ports and airports to close

The Balearic Islands’ government announced on Tuesday March 17th the closure of all ports and airports with immediate effect, denying entry or exit of citizens for the duration of the state of emergency due to the coronavirus outbreak. Exceptions will apply only to citizens or residents returning to the islands, and for visitors returning to their country of origin.

The local government announced that no boat of any type, private or charter, may arrive at the ports of the islands and no passengers may disembark from any passenger vessels.


UPDATE: At time of writing, the new order has not been passed into law by Spain’s Ministry of Transport in Madrid and clarification is being sought by shipyards and marinas, particularly in respect of yachts with home or reserved berths in the Balearics. Initial guidance is that yachts carrying crew only (no passengers or guests) may be exempt, though will in each case be considered by local  authorities.


Regional president, Francina Armengol, advised that the order coming into force today prohibits all commercial flights to and from the Spanish mainland and international airports, with some exceptions. All private national and international flights are prohibited without exception. As at today, the Balearics report 92 confirmed cases of COVID-19.

Air transport will be facilitated for highly exceptional reasons, such as essential medical treatment or the performance of essential professional work. The Government of Spain guarantees maritime transport to supply food and necessary goods.

Airlines may operate a maximum of one daily flight to Palma from Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia. On this flight, sanitary separation between passengers must be guaranteed, with a reduction in capacity involved in each case. Passengers on all these special flights must justify the urgent need to travel, or reside on the islands.

A daily flight will also be authorised for airlines that have a connection from Barcelona and Madrid to Ibiza and Menorca. Within the Balearic archipelago, there will only be one daily flight per company in each direction, adhering to the same strict conditions.

Additional measures include:

Health checks on all those arriving at any point in the Balearic Islands
An operation to return 25,000 tourists who remain in the Balearic Islands to their homes
Closure of all hotels and holiday resorts for the duration of the state of emergency

“In this way, the Balearic Islands will be practically closed for as long as the current state of emergency lasts”, Armengol added.

“It is very important that no one leaves the house”, except for the cases provided by the authority. The objective is to return to normality as soon as possible.”

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